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Katydid-Island-FordMarbled-Orb-WeaverJIBDolomedes tenebrosus female-Chattahoochee River-Cliffs at Morgan FallsDolomedes tenebrosus male-Chattahoochee RiverWMPhiddipus audus female-ChattahoocheeCoccinella sp 1Opilionid 1Hoverfly and AstersMonarch CaterpillarYellow and Black Argiope 1, Big TreesCrab Spider sp, Dahlonega GABombus fraternus on LavenderSpur-Throated Grasshopper, Cochran Shoals.jpgSwift Long-Winged Skimmer, Cochran Shoals.jpgSkimmer sp, Cochran Shoals.jpgEbony Jewelwing 1.jpgSwift Long-winged Skimmer, Cochran Shoals.jpgArgiope trifaciata 1.jpgArgiope trifasciata 2.jpgBrown-spotted Yellow-wing.jpg