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Moss-and-Ice-Ft-MtnIce-Crystals-Ft-MtnIcycle-Ft-MtnFrozen-White-OakFrozen-Oaks-2Beech in WInter 2, Big Trees FPBeech in WInter 1, Big Trees FPWhite Oak in the SnowPine and Berries in SnowIced DogwoodDogwood 3.jpgDogwood 2.jpgWinter Dogwood.jpgDogwood 1.jpgOak Leaf in Ice, Mocassin Creek.jpgIce Tunnel, Mocassin Creek.jpgPoplar Leaf Under Ice, Mocassin Creek.jpgPoplar Leaf in Ice, Mocassin Creek copy.jpgOak Leaf Stem in Ice, Mocassin Creek.jpgIce and Moss 1